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USA Presidential Election Results: Biden is one swing state away from victory

Washington: Democratic nominee Joe Biden has won more votes than any other presidential candidate in the US history, shattering a record set by former President Barack Obama, according to a media report.

As of November 4, Biden had got over 70.7 million votes, more than anyone who has ever run for president, the National Public Radio (NPR) reported.

Joe Biden inched closer to the magic figure of 270 Electoral College votes, even as incumbent Republican President Donald Trump moved ahead with his plan to mount a massive legal battle

The US Democratic nominee made the comments Wednesday, after Wisconsin and Michigan results showed he is winning the battleground states.

Biden further said that the mail-in ballots in the key state of Pennsylvania were also in his favor.

The Democrat managed to flip Arizona but his victory in Wisconsin has been the focus of the Trump campaign, calling for a recount.

The US president has also suggested an end to ballot counting, say in Pennsylvania, where he leads Biden similar to North Carolina and Georgia.

A group of protesters gathered at a Detroit convention center where Michigan votes continued to be counted, with video footage of the incident showing people shouting “stop the count,” and “stop the vote.”

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By winning the state of Nevada, which has 6 electoral college votes, Biden could reach the 270 votes necessary to win presidency even before Pennsylvania’s results are announced.

Trump campaign officials, such as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christi, are suggesting that Trump’s army of lawyers are going after the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Biden said he is not declaring victory and called for a complete counting of the votes.

Trump previously declared victory, suggesting that he would go to the Supreme Court over the election results.

Eric Trump, one of the president’s two adult sons, at roughly 3:30 pm ET tweeted: “We have won Pennsylvania!”

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