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The Controversy: YouTube VS TikTok Memes were on trending this whole week

New Delhi (Faiz Khan) : Currently one of the greatest social platforms controversy YouTube VS TikTok is still not ended. And as always many memes were created on this controversy too.

The memes of Youtube Vs TikTok was trending this whole week.Each and every meme was indirectly taunting TikTok.

The Starting

It all was started when a popular youtuber Elvish Yadav uploaded a roast video of TikTok that was watched by many people in our country and many users of TikTok had also watched the same.

Elvish’s roast video was not meant to hate or hurt anyone it was created just for fun. But after his video many tiktok users got offended and one person from the tiktok community named Amir Siddique stood on the behalf of his whole social platform and spoke about creators of YouTube.

Replying to Amir’s video a popular roaster of YouTube Ajay Nagar(aka Carryminati) uploaded a roast video of Amir Siddique which broke the record of being the most liked Non Music video on YouTube. This was not the first time Carryminati roasting TikTok.

But this roast video was taken down by YouTube due to violating youtube community guidelines. Carryminati got support from many popular youtubers but this roast video will not be back on YouTube.

In the end the social controversy of YouTube VS TikTok is still not ended. Many other popular youtubers indirectly reacted to this social platforms controversy by uninstalling TikTok from their devices in front of the camera.

Hopefully soon TikTok will be banned from India and currently it is considered as one of the most hated platforms in India.

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