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Plastic Piece Under Car Dragging

Plastic Piece Under Car Dragging: Your car sometimes makes a dragging sound when you drive. There is a loud noise caused by a piece of plastic loosening and partially leaving the vehicle, then dragging it. 

Engine shields protect the engine compartment from hard objects. It protects the engine from dirt, water, mold, and rust. Also known as skid plate or undercarriage cover.

Why The Plastic Piece Under Car Dragging?

Hit Hard Objects On The Road

The plastic on the bottom of the car drags from collisions with hard objects. Underinflated or overinflated tires, along with rocky and bumpy roads, can cause the plastic to shatter.

Car Operating In Severe Weather

Cold weather causes plastic covers under cars to drag. Plastic becomes harder at low temperatures because its components deteriorate.

Under low temperatures, plastic pieces mounted under the vehicle are likely to harden and crack if the vehicle is operating on bumpy roads or thick ice layers.

Missing Nuts 

Another reason for making the plastic shield under the car dragging is that the nuts that hold them in place have been lost. Errors in installation and repair may cause it.

The nuts were not properly installed or attached tightly, causing them to loosen and fall off. Also, they will loosen and drop after a long time on bumpy roads when you drive long distances. Plastic pieces will be released and dragged on the road.

Fixing Plastic Piece Under Car Dragging

Check For Loose Plastic

Make sure the board is not loose in the undercarriage. Your vehicle needs a car jack if the plastic sheet is coming off under it. Under the car, there is a removable plastic piece. Detach the skid plates if they show signs of cracking or breaking.

Partially detached piece

Some plastic coatings may drag when released, but not all. When your vehicle’s skid plate partially separates and slides down the road, you may not notice it. Taller vehicles are more likely to suffer from it.

If you notice small vibrations and a humming sound of the piece scraping on the road, you have a partially separated piece. Directly confronting the situation is essential. Unattended, a partially detached skid plate will fall off your automobile sooner or later. 

Put broken pieces back together

If you don’t want to replace the plastic under the car, use a drill and tire wires to repair it. Reassemble the cracked pieces after removing the plastic piece from the automobile. In the broken skid plate, drill parallel corrugated holes and thread them together.

You can save money by not buying new panels. There’s a chance it will crack elsewhere, so it won’t last.

Replacing the plastic

It’s best to have your underbody guard replaced by a dealer if it’s damaged too much. Install the new plate, fix it and screw the bolts and nuts into the right places after removing all the nuts and old plastic pieces.

Check that the plastic sheet is firmly attached by lowering the car. If you cannot replace them, hire experienced and skilled technicians.


Overall, how can we resolve the plastic piece under the car? Check if your screws are loose. Check the plastic sheet for cracks. Last but not least, repair and replace.



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