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fact Check: Putin released around 500 lions to make people stay indoor

New Delhi: Amid the fear of coronavirus, Many Countries have decided to complete lock down. Whereas most of countries have taken some big steps to protect its people from coronavirus.

A news on social media, clamming that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has released around 500 lions to make people stay Indoor during the total shout sown in Russia.

If you have also shared this news, then let us tell you the truth of it. This news is fabricated, there is no truth in this news.

A picture of a lion is being shared on social media for fun by saying that the President of Russia rotated 500 lions to prevent people from getting out of the house during the total lock-down to prevent the corona virus left on.

According to fact test team, this image was uploaded as symbolic image in a Gulf times story, “Saudi man spotted walking a lion on main Jeddah road”. Same Image was used in another website story, ‘Columbus the lion is seen taking a walk through the streets of Johannesburg”.

The Image of a lion and the story of “Putin released around 500 lions to make people stay indoor” has no connection.

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