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Ex Congress Leader PC Chako meets Sharad Pawar, likely to join NCP today

New Delhi: Ex Congress leader PC Chako today met with Nationalist Congress Party(NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar in Delhi. According to sources, PC Chako may join NCP today.

After meeting NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, PC Chako said, “I’m meeting Sharad Pawar. Whatever crisis party is facing, it needs to be discussed. I’m also meeting Sitaram Yechury & GN Azad to discuss future course of action. I need to extend my support to LDF. I’ll decide (on joining) after meeting Pawar sahab.”

According to News Agency ANI, NCP chief Sharad Pawar and former Congress leader PC Chacko to hold a joint press conference later today in Delhi.

PC Chako resigned congress few days back . He blamed Congress leadership for groupism. After his resignation from Congress Party, PC Chako said, ” I’d been deliberating upon this decision for past many days. I come from Kerala where there’s no Congress party as such. There are 2 parties – Congress (I) & Congress (A). It’s coordination committee of 2 parties functioning as KPCC.”

He also added that Kerala is facing a crucial election. People want Congress to come back but there’s groupism practiced by top leaders of Congress. I’ve been arguing with high command that this should be ended. But the high command is also agreeing to the proposal given by both groups.

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He said, “Congress is a great tradition. Being a Congress man is prestigious thing but today in Kerala nobody can be a Congress man. One can belong to either ‘I group’ or ‘A group’. So I decided to call it a day. High Command is mute witness to this disaster & there’s no remedy.”

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