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Auto High Beam Problem

Auto High Beam Problem: Auto high beam problems can be tricky or easy depending on how you deal with them. As long as you understand what’s what, fixing it may also not be too tricky. 

Auto High Beam Problem
Auto High Beam Problem

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What is Auto High Beam and How Does It Work?

It regulates the operation of the headlights and illuminates the road ahead with both high and low beams. A basic purpose of such an idea is to automatically activate high beams when traveling over a specific speed in low light. 

Could this luminescence blind other drivers? If a vehicle is detected ahead or coming from the other direction, the highlights will be turned off and the low beam will only be on.

This system operates similarly to an Auto Headlight, but it’s significantly more complex. A driver must press a button or turn a knob on the dashboard to activate it. 

As an example, the auto headlight automatically changes the high beams into low beams, while the auto headlight only has manual modes that turn the low beam light on and off.

Problems With Auto High Beams

High beams are fine, but not recommended. With all the unreasonable on and off of the system, no matter if there are other vehicles or obstacles accessing, you know the detection system has a problem.

Even worse, it can suddenly go out of order while your car is on the road. This is not just about a car part malfunctioning but also about safety.

Car High Beams Not Working

High Beam Sensor Fault

A high beam sensor system is one of the topmost car components. Using smart sensors, your car detects incoming traffic and analyzes ambient light. As soon as you need your lights, it will automatically turn them on, then shut them off so you don’t blind other drivers.

What if one of these sensors fails? Automatic high beams may also stop working. There is no more automatic switching or turning; if you need them on, you must enable them yourself. Don’t forget to deactivate them if you see oncoming traffic approaching from the opposite direction on the freeway to ensure nighttime driving safety.

Burnt headlight

A 450-1,000 hour lifespan is their bounded lifespan. So sooner or later, they’ll burn out. There is a slim chance that both high beams will fail simultaneously, so it is rare that both will fail at the same time.

Bad Headlight Switch

You might want to look at electrical attributes such as the high beam light switch. It is possible that the hardware switch that activates your high beams might go astray and prevent you from turning them on.

Replays or blown fuses

A fuse protects your wiring from damage if there’s too much going through the circuit. A short circuit will cause this component to blow. With an accessory removed from it and a faulty bulb, the same thing happens. 

The headlight switch normally controls the headlight bulbs through a relay. Headlight switches strengthen relays. Lamps are enabled by relays. This will provide the headlight switch protection from excessive current usage by the high beam headlights.

Fixing Auto High Beams

For beam issues, we always recommend going to the nearest garage and consulting an expert for diagnosis and repair. 

You can still fix it yourself with your own automobile wisdom. Make sure you check your owners manual for your vehicle’s high beam bulb type. Check the fuse box in case your high beams fail.

You can find whatever you need at your local auto parts store if any component needs replacing. Remember to check for electrical issues before changing mandatory elements with a digital multimeter.

Auto High Beam Maintenance

  • Clean the windshield surrounding the camera. Keep the lens clean when doing sanitary.
  • Avoid touching the camera’s lens.
  • Dashboards should not be reflective.
  • Do not place items, stickers, or film near the camera.


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